Friday 20 July 2018

Its Official! we opened Wilkins Park (formerly kingscliff community garden and walking track).

Its Official! we opened Wilkins Park (formerly kingscliff community garden and walking track).

ABOVE: Video of the official opening, by Pastor Steve Godfrey

In memory of Ian Wilkins

His gentleness, humility, kindness, wisdom, prayers and countless chats have had a lasting impact. You lived a life so humbly, were the most selfless man- your impact is eternal and all who knew you will feel the loss deeply. When we opened the gardens, it was in your honour. You leave an incredible legacy. Thank you for being you, getting our daughter Belle addicted to shortbread creams (otherwise known as Poppa Ian biscuits), for inspiring my us, for hugs, for reminding us family isn't always blood. Sad for us, but glad you are home, and chatting with your beloved again.

My wife Marija and I have passed on the torch to the remaining team and have moved on to live in Armidale to start on a new season of life. Our time at C3 Kingscliff was one we will cherish and grew us beyond any expectation, it was our family and home for many years. 

ABOVE: Ian Wilkins, whom made and installed the picket fence, a true servant, dear friend, mentor and spiritual father to us. The gardens have been dedicated to his life and memory.

The Overview and Goals of the project: The community parklands and native bushland project was developed and maintained by C3 Kingscliff with the intention to be supported by the work for the dole program participants. Support provided by these organisations and their respective advisors will ensure the projects longevity and sustainability for years to come. The outcome for this project was to create a publicly and mobility challenged accessible parkland and walking tracks which are safe for the Kingscliff community. The parklands and walking tracks have two main focuses. Parklands will be best to families and the Kingscliff community to come as to allow younger children to play, relax and enjoy their surroundings. The walking tracks are intended to be a place of contemplation and sactuary from the hustle and bustle of our busy daily life. Both areas will provide a sensory experience. The tracks will be focused on being disabled friendly with sculptured features located along the walk.

The church currently owns Lot 7 which is 7 acres of land which will be partially developed for this project as well as 24 – 30 sand street Kingscliff ( refer to section V for more details). The church building is situated on 24 – 26 sand street with a basic parking lot on 28 – 30 sand street. The project  consists of:
Two acres of Parklands
Vegetable gardens
 3x picnic table areas
Large brick labyrinth
Brick well
2x Bridges
Paved walkways
Giant chess board
Large water table pond
One acre BMX track
Four acres of native bushland walking tracks
One carpark with reserved disabled and pram parking
One fenced children's play area
Large Swingset
Storage sheds and storage area with compost bays
Large rock garden

The Following are some images of the opening and the parklands space:


Rock garden

Brick Well

Paved walking track

Large swing

Stone walking track which leads to the rock garden

One of the three picnic areas

Picket fence, made by Ian Wilkins 

Giant chess board

Garden entrance

BMX track

Vegetable garden

Monday 28 May 2018

Community Gardens; prepare to be amazed! Sunday, 4 March 2018

I'm back again with so much more! A bit slow, I know.
Trust me- when you see what we've been up to, you'll appreciate that the wait has been worthwhile.

Let me start by showing of my mini beauties. I've never grown tiny sunflowers before, but I'm sure you'll agree, they are just gorgeous.

These cheery blooms are guaranteed to brighten the day.

A few weeks ago, I inspected, and sorted the veggie garden.
These supremely hot little guys are doing well.

The labyrinth is taking shape!

And so is the pond.

Donations of large river rocks greatly appreciated.

The little bridge is undergoing a complete makeover, starting with new railings.

Bricks in place where a wishing well will appear...soon.

The creek looks lovely with a deeper, dug out section. It even has plenty of fish- a great sign.

Love finding mystery surprises in my garden beds.

Here, Michael is doing an amazing job weeding the veggie path- by pulling up each brick to remove the roots. What dedication!

The bottlebrush are still flowering away periodically.

My Mr Muscles, carrying the frame he just made to use for the end of the labyrinth path.

Back to the veggie garden...tomato plants out and tarp down to hopefully let discarded fruit germinate and die off before replanting. As the tomatoes were basically disease free, I won't bother with crop rotation.

The flowering chives got a much needed haircut.

Andrew inspecting the newly brick packed frame.

Chris turning the drab into fab.

Hubby and Andrew preparing to concrete a base in.

Andrew and Michael mixing the concrete under hubby's watchful eye :)

The base is done!

The frame for the water view seat is well under way.

Perfect positioning for a calming sit down.

What a difference a coat of paint makes.

And here, we have the frame for a new swing seat.

Beautiful rain lilies blooming away.

Look- we have plants!

Garden beds have been filled and are ready for planting out.
Thanks to all who have donated plants. Keep them coming!

We have a bench seat with water views :)

Now that the creek has been dug out, it provides a deeper pool for rain water which reduces the bog considerably.

Starting to take shape very nicely.

My bougainvillea are leaping out of the ground. The yellow one in the foreground seems to grow bolt upright before drooping over with flowers. It will make a stunning slope cover when it matures.

My day was sorted last Friday- get into the veggie garden for a new season of planting.

After a mow, how stunning does this area look. Also gives you an appreciation for how much space we actually do have.

Now, looking the other way. Always good to see things from a different perspective :)

Cannot wait to see the swing in here. I dibs first go!

The chess board will soon have a new access path, linking the top garden to the bottom.

I love butterflies, and seems, they love my plants :)

Look- the completed labyrinth end. Well, almost. Soon it will be a perfect spot to sit and contemplate.

Plant donations! Thank you Michael!

Andrew hard at it, digging in new plant donations.

With the bigger plants in, I'm quite looking forward to planting out a softer understory.

Andrew again, working hard at planting out.
All of the workers we get do fantastic jobs, honestly.
It's hot, humid, the plants are spiky and ouchy, the days long.
We value everyone for their hard work and commitment.
You are helping make this place look AMAZING!

Hubby for perspective- the garden is BIG.
Andrew and Chris can just be seen planting out on the other side.

Thankfully, I was able to transplant a heap of Moses plants. Their purple foliage contrasts beautifully with the bright green of the other plants, and they grow so well with little effort. 

And last of all, a marked out pathway that will soon be a proper path linking the gardens.
It just gets more amazing, honestly.
To my amazing man, love your work :)

That's your lot for now. Be back with more soon :)